I decide to make a little present to my visitors: 6 High Quality Wallpapers 1920x1280 pixels.

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Makedonia International Camp 2014

In May 2014 I participate to the Makedonian International Camp of the same Francisc Mratz School of Photography. Tha camp took place in Ohrid. The most interesting fact was the proximity af Albania were I found a "photographer heaven". I visit there Tirana, Korce, Pogradec and other small places. More photos will be the subjet of a future exhibition.

About Me

I am a professional photographer since 1998. I shoot both Commercial and Fine Art Photography. In 2010 I graduate "Francisc Mraz" Photopoetical School which change my life and my way of thinking about photography completly. All the works from this site are the result of the way I understand photography after I graduate this school and the Master in Photography at the same school.

Toghether with the colleagues and friends from the Photopoetical School I participated to a lot of exhibitions and a lot of photo campsSome of the exhibitions I participate at were in Bucharest, Constanta, Zagreb, Sarajevo.

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    Heaven Backlog Project

    Heaven backlog is a project born from a allocution that has haunted me for a while at my beginnings as a photographer passionate about composition, contrasts, wide spaces.

    To go back in time a bit ever sin


    Enjoy my Pinteres Page m

    My second exhibition

    This time I made my secon exhibition with my dearest friend Dafina. She was las year in Maroc and came

  • You can see my blog HERE 

    I decide to mantain my blog I think it ia important for me - and I think also for you - to see my transformation as a photographer.

    Until I decide to move all the information from there to the new blog from my new site the old blog will be a good information resource about my work as a fine art photographer.


Bistrita Photo Camp 2010

I was very proud to be invited at the X-th edition of the prestigious International Photo Camp from Bistrița, Romania. Here is the result of ten days of intense photography life.


Bistrita Photo Camp 2011

The second time it was better to the International Photo Camp at Bistrița 2011. This time I bring also my panoramic and underwater film cameras.

Bistrita 2011 photo camp

Sarajevo Camp 2011

In 2011 I was invited to the Sarajevo Photo Camp. We take photos in the city and in the surroundings. I shot my first pictures with my panoramic film camera.

Cimislia Camp 2013

In 2013 I was invited in Cimislia (republic of Moldavia) to the anual international camp of Bistrita foundation. I work only on panoramic film and here some:


"Boboteaza" at Sulina

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